Saturday, March 21, 2009

The gang at The Tour of MO 2008

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This was taken before Stage 7, as we where leaving the hotel. I'm was trying very hard to get this picture on Facebook. I'm low on computer skills when I'm moving pictures around. And I very frustrated! But I managed to get it here on the blog.
This was a great day after the remants of the hurricane blew through. Shortening the route. They couldn't race thru Forest Park, due to trees and debris from the storm. Attending cycling races is the best thing I've every done. It is the sport for everyman, it's free, you have access to the cyclists; and it's beautiful!!

Tour of Missouri 2009 starts September 7th in St. Louis!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Tour of MO winner

I thought I'd post this too!
Janann and I with Christian VandeVelde at Downer's Grove, before he won the overall in Missouri the next month. His uncle took this picture for us, and I couldn't stop talking!!

Picture time again!

There's me, Catherine and Janann at Downer's Grove last summer! Nikki took the picture!

A Snowy Saturday afternoon

I just realized I didn't share any stories from last Sept. Tour of Missouri. Of course, I was thrilled with Christian Vande Velde winning! As a member of the breakaway club I received a signed yellow jersey! So cool.
We had the remants of a hurricane come thru the state and affect the last stage in St Louis. In St Charles, stage 6, Brad Huff placed third behind Mark Cavendish!! Could it have been sweeter? I had such a good time, and enjoyed my out of town friends, Janann and Alan from Iowa, and Nikki from Chicago. I'm really looking forward to this years race, Floyd Landis is back in the peleton!!

I also broke my wrist. The other one this time. This is getting old. And I did it on ice, right out my front my pj's.

The Amgen Tour of California was terrific. And the weather was horrible the first two or three stages. The Euro riders could have stayed home in northern Europe and enjoyed the North Sea! But it was a great race, and this year I'm buying the DVD. I was very happy with the podium!!

Well, at 5:30pm, I go on-call til 1pm tomorrow. I could take a nap....that sounds good.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I somehow manged to post Casey's picture!! Meanwhile, I posted a pic of Alan and Tom at the Tour of MO 07. You have to look at it sideways....this is when I wish I had a computer geek around instead of so many cats!
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Where's the picture?

I thought I moved a picture of Casey and me to the blog. Obviously, I lost it somewhere.....